After Jan-Paul Barnard first saw an Angora goat with its kiss-curls known as mohair he decided that he was going to spend his productive working years in Alicedale, a small tree lined village in the arid Eastern Cape in South Africa. After some research he started constructing the first hand spinning and hand weaving equipment from packing cases - innovative equipment that later produced a range of luxurious mohair products.
He eventually designed and built a new factory in the town that soon benefited the impoverished region. One building after the other was put into use for the production of mohair curtains. The new factory greatly benefited the economically depressed little village and soon supported a large number of poor families.

 From humble beginnings the enterprise grew into a chain of showrooms in all major South African cities and an overseas export market. For many decades his unique, tailor-made curtains set the tone in South African interiors. Thousands of private homes, hotels, golf clubs, embassies, mining houses’ boardrooms and theaters sported his unique and beautiful curtains, blankets and throws.
Jan Paul Barnard now has clients in some 25 countries worldwide. Very prestigious companies sell his creations. He is a yearly exhibitor at Heimtextil in Germany where exciting new products are showcased every year.